Systempartner - Cleaning Systems

IWT is the Specialist When it Comes to Cleaning Issues.

The different washing processes were developed taking into account the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Our comprehensive solutions include full cGMP products contact part washers, as well as high pressure washing systems either for bulk containers in cleaning-in-place applications or cabins for bulk parts and containers cleaning-out-of-place.


  • High Pressure Washers
    – Mobile cleaning System
    – Cleaning for containers and large barrels
    – High pressure cleaning system with a technical zone, which is installed seperately from the items to be cleaned
  • Contact Part Washers
    – The classical part washer for proven cleaning of pharmaceutical product contact parts to minimize downtime of production linesand to eliminate any possible cross-contamination between batches
  • Cabinet Washers
    – The ideal solution for the automation of cleaning procedures in the cosmetic, nutraceutical and unclassified pharmaceutical areas.
    – Washer for barrels and small parts
    – Large washing machines with up to 4m³ volume