Systempartner - Capsule Fillers

MG2 Offers a wide Variety of Capsule Filling Machines.

Our Systempartner MG2 offers with over 50 years of know-how a wide variety of capsule filling machines. They can handle any type of dosing application into hard-shell capsules and they will also satisfy all requirements with the maximum flexibility.


MG2 capsule fillers can dose different combinations of products into the same capsule.

  • powder
  • low dosages of powders without compression (up to 4 mg.)
  • pellets (up to 4 different kinds)
  • granulate powder
  • tablets & microtablets
  • oblong tablets
  • special shaped tablets for clinical tests
  • capsule into capsule

MG2 machines support hard gelatine capsules ranging from size 000 to 5 including tamper-proof capsules and will offer them in all required production capacities and also include the latest weight control systems. Esepcially the flexibility and the integrated weight control system (NETT) distinguishes MG2 and makes the manufacturer unique.